China Connect Paris 2019 - speech by Yangke SUN


With: Yangke SUN, Yangke SUN, CEO, ECENTIME China Connect 9th edition took place March 12-13 2019, in Paris. Theme: "The Experience Economy"


China Connect Paris is the largest European gathering of experts on Chinese consumer trends, digital and mobile tech marketing. This unique event is reaching out to an audience of top level Western marketing and digital decision makers from Luxury, Cosmetics, Fashion, Retail, FMCG, Food & Beverages, Automotive, Services, Travel, Retail, Datas, Communication…
China Connect is also in Shanghai since 2017, and heads to Hong Kong in 2019

Yangke SUN

Yangke is the CEO and Founder @eCentime, Ph.D. in Influence and Diffusion-aware Group recommendation Social Media. He studied mathematics and electronic engineering at university in China, engineering school in France and university in the UK. Before founding ECENTIME, Yangke had a very data-oriented experience as senior Data Scientist and Product owner at Criteo in France and in China, he was also a famous Chinese social blogger inside Weibo with 300 K+ followers.


The idea of being a dreamer is to give the right shopping information about European shopping and products for Chinese consumers in order to improve efficiently sales performance. As both data geek and social media expert, Yangke understood the link between lifestyle and brands education, creating intelligent, targeted solutions that optimized users experience and data-oriented performance.

Today, ECENTIME is the key platform to let European china market lover walk their first step inside the Chinese community by connecting the overseas Chinese community.