First European Chinese Key Opinion Leader Connect

First European Chinese Key Opinion Leader Connect


On May 24th, 2019, ECenTime will hold the first large-scale KOL Connect Party in France. This event is the first large-scale exchange event for Brands and for KOLs held by ECenTime since its establishment. In the future, ECenTime will hold this kind of activity twice a year to provide a platform for KOLs, for Brands and for ECenTime.

Return Banquet, Rapid Growth of ECentime

ECenTime, the 1st Franco-Chinese trusted shopping guide community that connects Chinese people in France/Europe with local and European products providers. 

Until now, there are over 500-thousand platform members, more than 300-thousand mobile app downloads (iPhone + Android) , 3 millions transactions perquarter for Clients and 500+ partners in Europe. 

We are grateful for all the help from every brand we have cooperated with.

KOLs and Personal-buyers, Huge Chinese Market with Combustion and Import

With the world’s largest population, China is the second largest economy, as well the second largest importer and consumer in the world. 

Now China has entered a new development stage of fully increasing, which indicates enormous potential for the growth of consumption and import. 

Chinese KOLs and personal-buyers in Paris occupied a large proportion, they lead many consumers and fashion tendency, we could find them on various shows and events. 

With long-term cooperation, they are invited to share their experience, bring us hot topics and receive our appreciates.

500 Brands +, Future Cooperation for faire kiffer les Chinois à 360 degrés

Over 500 brands keep a strong relationship through the cooperation with EcenTime and provide various better opportunities to help EcenTime grow up.

Some of them will also be invited to attend this event, sharing their own acheivements."



Digital Media & Acquisition

Manager - L'Oréal Luxe France

Aurélien DUPLAN

E-commerce & CRM  

Manager - L'Oréal Luxe France

Céleste Coez Blanchard

Responsable e-retail/e-commerce 

Parfum France chez L'Oréal

Benjamin Hugues

International Sales Manager 

at H&H Group

Stéphane Feuillebois

Partnerships Manager at Amazon 

Président Club Digital EM Lyon

Steve Boucher

Directeur du Développement des Ventes Internationales

 chez Chronopost


Chef de Produit Nutrition Infantile

chez Nestlé

Maria Rosaria Marguglio

Global Shopper Manager 

chez Guerlain



Ctrip France

Yuanzhi DING

Sales Manager 


Alexis Rudelle

Responsable incubateur expérience client

chez Paris&Co.

Yangke SUN