TAKING MARKETING STRATEGY ONE STEP FURTHER: ECENTIME IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE ITS PARTNERSHIP WITH ALIPAY! PARIS, FR — Ecentime , the most trusted Sino-French shopping guide community that connects Chinese people in Europe with local European brands, is proud to announce today its new partnership with Alipay, the all-encompassing mobile payment service worldwide renowned to offer its clients innovative technological solutions.

Through this strategic partnership, Ecentime became the authorised representative for Alipay, the most widely used third-party online payment service provider in China. We will be able to create Alipay mini-programs for the brands in its name. 

It makes a big leap forward for our company and for brands who will be able to reach Chinese customers through a new touchpoint. Brands across whole Europe and even worldwide can now take advantage of Alipay’s mini-program to expand their digital presence in China, rethinking their business strategy and adapt themselves to the “new normal”.

Alipay’s fully-integrated services of Chinese mobile payment have introduced new business solutions and opportunities for overseas brands and merchants. By providing Chinese customers with information on discounts and coupons helps brands and merchants capture customer traffic digitally. 

Building hype through stores and product quality, establishing brand trust via digital marketing through Chinese mobile payment platforms can further adapt local culture and brands to the consumption habits of Chinese consumers and then drive their willingness to buy.

We are extremely excited about the new partnership with Alipay Global as the very first mini-program provider,” said Yangke Sun, CEO of Ecentime. “The post-Covid19 users shopping journey will be highly reinforced online by interaction inside mini-programs and personalized recommendations. Thanks for the hard working and trust to make this happen!”

We are very pleased to announce that the Ecentime mini-program is NOW LIVE! Our partners will gain more visibility thanks to this new partnership.

With the help of Alipay mobile payment platform, brands and merchants can increase exposure of their stores, products and promotions, and also deepen their brand awareness.

For the 2019 Trends for Mobile Payment in Chinese Outbound Tourism report, Nielsen surveyed about 547 merchants worldwide. In the U.K. for example, where Chinese mobile payment is increasingly embraced, 88% of surveyed merchants believed Chinese mobile payment solutions and services have improved their stores’ publicity, marketing and store promotion.

The interest of these mini-programs for business  is the ability to assemble a variety of payment solutions, such as ticket purchase, food reservation, electronic membership card management, navigation map, reduction or special offers coupons, and e-invoice management, without having to create the framework themselves, helping to reduce operational costs.

For the 2019 Trends for Mobile Payment in Chinese Outbound Tourism report, Nielsen surveyed about 4,837 Chinese tourists who traveled abroad in 2019 and have a plan for outbound travels in the following year. 

Mobile payment became much more popular in 2019 with Chinese tourists in countries where Chinese mobile payment is developing rapidly. For example, in the U.K. and France, about 60% of Chinese tourists used mobile payment in 2018, but the proportion rose significantly to 65% in 2019. 

 The adoption of the Alipay digital payment solution is influencing the spending willingness of Chinese consumers. In its 2019 Trends for Mobile Payment in Chinese Outbound Tourism report, Nielsen found out that In Europe, the usage rate of mobile payment by Chinese tourists increased rapidly in 2019. Slightly higher than 2018, about 92% of Chinese tourists who visited Europe said that they would probably use mobile payment more often, and about 89% would spend more money, if more overseas merchants accepted mobile payment in the future

As a trusted authorised representative for Alipay, we can help brands to develop an Alipay mini-program in order to boost your presence in China’s digital landscape, which will give you new business opportunities.

In addition to designing mini-programs, Ecentime also helps you create and manage content and services on Alipay.

About Ecentime

ECenTime is the 1st Franco-Chinese trusted shopping guide community that connects Chinese/Asian people in France/Europe with local and European brands. 

At the time of our fourth candle, we have more than 40 employees, have supported more than 550,000 users, and have opened three offices in Xi’an, in Dusseldorf, in Barcelone. Our application has also +65K of daily users and we worked with more than 550 brands.

If you want to get more information, just reach out Ecentime’s B2B official website:

About Alipay

Alipay is the most widely used third-party online payment service provider in China. With over 100 million daily transactions and over 520 million active users. Its primary product is a digital wallet, Alipay Wallet, which also includes a mobile app that allows customers to conduct transactions directly from their mobile devices.

Alipay is a must-have payment method for any business looking to reach a critical mass of Chinese shoppers both home and abroad.

If you want to get more information, just reach out Alipay’s official website:


We are at the disposal of brands who have interests on the Chinese market and who want to increase their branding awareness by offering them tailor-made digital solutions adapted to all their projects.

What do we propose? Creating with you, hand-in-hand your brand’s or company’s digital strategy in the Chinese market,  improving  your image and brand recognition in China through an online presence on Chinese social networks.

We also help you to maximise your influence. At Ecentime we believe that strong brand awareness in the Chinese community has a direct impact on sales of the brand's products. It's one of the keys who lead to success… to YOUR success.

This is why we have developed our own lifestyle and shopping application, which brings together the largest Chinese community in France and Europe with 65K users / day.

But we accompany you on every touchpoint, from influencing strategy to a full presence on Chinese social networks and the creation of offline events.